206 Layers

This is a record of a dream or dreams I've had on the 26th of June in the year 2017. Dreams often don't make any sense, and they don't have to.

I found myself walking into an elevator. The elevator looked familiar. Of course. It was the elevator at the university's faculty of science building. I vaguely recall pressing the button to my desired floor, but the elevator soon ascended, reaching its destination in mere moments. Odd; it usually takes much longer than that. Then the doors opened up to an unfamiliar scene.

I have never seen that floor anywhere before, but there it was. It appeared to be a library. Shelves of books were lined up along the otherwise barren walls. The chairs and tables that were scattered around were excessively (and poorly, might I add) wrapped in plastic. They might as well have been covered in copious amounts of cobwebs and you wouldn't have seen the difference at a first glance. I later learned that the furniture is off-limits for everyone. There were a few people -- most of them stood motionlessly, facing bookshelves but not reading. A woman stood beside what seemed to be the clerk's desk.

"You're on a secret floor, located between the 2nd and 3rd," she smiled, answering my unasked question as though she had read my thoughts. "This way, please."

I was led to a white table. Two men in black suits stood there. They never introduced themselves and immediately proceeded with their presentation. One of them held a small device in his hand. The machine whirred and began emitting pulsating blue lights.

"The Transponder Cell," the other man explained. "We built it to the max. This revolutionary device will change the future. It can scan all 206 layers of bones and can complete a full scan of the human skeletal system in seconds."

The man holding the device pointed it at his partner. The blue lights turned green as a holographic display was projected onto the other man. Something beeped ominously and a red light began flashing. The man consulted the machine and looked up with a puzzled look.

"His bones are vanishing."

And then I woke up.